Tuesday, December 26, 2006

happy Boxing Day

Just wanted to post a quick note to say how much I've liked the holidays so far! Yay, thank you to everyone who's made them so lovely.

Dan & I took a bus back to CT on Saturday morning (ugh, had to get up way early!), and his mom & BJ picked us up & dropped me off at my parents' house; it was nice to have everyone (my family & Dan's) together for a bit, however brief the visit was.

I spent the afternoon with my family, and had a lovely visit from my oldest friend Chandra (it's been a year since we've seen each other!) and her husband Chris. It was so nice to catch up!

Saturday night, my family & I played a lot of Killer Bunnies. :)

I spent Sunday wrapping presents (with Bethany's flair for bows, they all looked beautiful), and hanging out at home. At 4 o'clock we went to church, and then opened family presents before heading over to my godmother's house for her yearly Christmas Eve party. We didn't last long (we were all tired), but it was nice to go back home & spend some family time together...before my parents made us go to bed, just like they used to, saying Santa wouldn't come if we didn't! Hehe.

We were awakened early Christmas morning by Sarah (she had driven over that morning from her place, so we could celebrate Christmas like we always do!), and we opened our "Santa" presents by the glowing tree. Later that day, we headed over to my aunt's house in Meriden, where we ate a ton (as usual) and played LCR (and I made $30 off my cousins! hehe). I really love seeing my family. (And no, not because I made some money!)

I was really tired again as we drove home (it's been a long December, as the Counting Crows would say), but I really wanted to see Tanya/Sarah/Karen and Dan & his family, so I caffienated myself :) and, after sticking around to see (Sarah's fiance) Liam (he gave me Knit Lites, fun!), I headed over to New Britain. Sarah's house was beautifully done up for the holidays, and I got to spend some wonderful time with her, Jenn, and Karen -- not to mention that I received some amazing gifts! -- and then (partially because I unfortunately had to miss out on going down to Dan's; I've postponed to Wednesday evening, I think) we got to visit Tanya's & Jon's place -- it was sooo wonderful to get to see everyone! I have so missed my NB girls. :) (Thanks for everything, ladies!)

I'm exhausted still, but it's a very content & happy exhausted. :) I am working today, but it should be pretty low-key (I hope!), and I am looking forward to seeing another of my oldest friends later this evening.

Wednesday, I've got a doctor appointment in the morning, followed by my work's holiday party at Carmen Anthony (we have a pleasant lunch with the 5 of us and a few spouses), and half day of work in the afternoon. I'll try to stop by Dan's family's house on my way back to Farmington that evening, and then I plan to catch a bus back to Boston, yay!

More about awesome presents & other holiday goodness later; for now, work! xoxo

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