Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I think I jinxed myself when I started thinking Odessa was a really easy, fun knit -- I have been having the worst time ever with it tonight. I tried to fix a mistake and ended up making such a mess of things that I just ripped it all out & started again. I was so frustrated I even left SNB early, as much as I was enjoying the company. I came home & watched Stella Dallas, which was a very good movie, and got about one repeat into the beaded pattern when I made another mistake. In trying to go back & fix it, I dropped a stitch and I'm finding it impossible to pick up correctly.

My hands are just not working for me anymore, and I'm soooo frustrated. All I want is to be back where I was this afternoon! :(

I need to go shower & get to bed. Clearly I need to take a break from knitting -- but it's the worst, when all you want to do is keep going, to prove to yourself that you can get it right. Ugh.

Currently Reading:

TITLE: The Memory Keeper's Daughter
AUTHOR: Kim Edwards

TITLE: Dirty Blonde
AUTHOR: Courtney Love


Jeanette said...

So sorry that you are having such troubles.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry to hear about the knitting troubles - I can't do anything fancy like that, I can only crochet rectangular-shaped things like scarves. So I'm impressed! How's the memory keeper's daugther? My mom passed that along for me to read, but I haven't gotten to it yet. If you'll be in Farmington at all Christmas week, let me know since I am too. Hope all is well! take care, tami :)