Friday, July 21, 2006

life goes on

Although last weekend was a lot of fun (and very busy), life has been moving kind of slow ever since. Not in a bad way, just...I haven't felt the urge to post about anything, really.

Saturday, I ran some morning errands (post office, Haymarket), and then ran out to catch the 11 o'clock Fung Wah bus from South Station. I like to consider myself not a huge asshole, so when I climbed on the bus, I made sure to take the inside seat in an empty pair, and not leave my bag on the seat next to me (there was a girl who was doing just that a few seats up), in case someone needed to sit next to me. Unfortunately, I got repaid for my kindness by having this obnoxious guy take the empty seat -- he was very tall, and I understand that there wasn't much room in the seat area for someone of his stature, but that did not mean that he was just allowed to take my seatspace, or not pay any attention to where his elbows and knees were! So I spent most of the ride frustrated & shying away from his extremities. Sigh. I know, I should probably have spoken up, but I was scared he'd think I was rude. Ironic, because I was sitting there thinking he was! Oy.

In any case, I made it off the bus in one piece, and called up Luis, who I had told I would be arriving in NYC around 3. It was 3:15 when I called...and he wasn't ready to meet me! So I called up Bethany & Ashu, who were also wandering around the city, and we met up for a meal at a cute cafe on the corner of Broadway & Bleecker, where Luis later joined us. The 3 of us spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around SoHo, and then they walked me over to the bar where Bhavi & Viv's party was supposed to happen. I was the first one there, and spent a while sipping a drink at the bar, until some old college acquaintances arrived. From there, I spent the rest of the next few hours catching up with people I hadn't seen in ages, which was nice but not nearly adequate -- I really need to spend some time with those people not in a bar setting. It was way crowded & way to difficult to really have a good conversation, ugh.

I cut out pretty early (I'm not the partier I once was! heh) and went back to Ashu's, where we ate dulche de leche ice cream (yum) and talked until we all fell asleep.

The next morning, we got up late and ran out to get some fruit & other breakfast food, and then had oatmeal pancakes & fruit salad ... which I started to make, but unfortunately sliced into my finger with Ashu's new knife only a few strawberries in! So there was a bit of drama there, as we taped me up, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it first looked, and it's healing just fine now. Phew.

I have to admit, though, I do get kind of queasy when I look at a knife these days...but the feeling is passing. It's not like I won't ever use one again! I've cut myself before.

Bethany & I hopped on a 4:30 bus back to Boston, and arrived back in town late that night, exhausted. (The oppressive heat & humidity weren't helping.) And since then, it's been kind of a tired & lazy week. Dan & I went to see A Scanner Darkly on Tuesday night, I think, but otherwise I've just been staying in, nights. It's actually been too hot to even KNIT, *gasp*! (Also, I never realized how much I like to curl my pinkie finger when I knit, but it hurt too much the first night for me to be able to even get through a few stitches.) But luckily, that situation has been improving -- I even got a few rows in last night! :)

I have a headache now, though, so I think I'm going to go get a glass of water & try to get some more work done. Happy weekend! xoxo

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Unknown said...

and yes, it would be interesting to live there, but i have friends who both loved & hated it. i guess it just depends on how it goes once you get there....

Do tell.

Unknown said...

A major part of this week's fantasy is teaching English there. they have some (possibly superficially) good deals there.

However, the boyfriend does not like the idea of living in Japan, esp. with so many Japanese men around. (I have thing for Asian men. How the hell I ended up with a Polish-Italian, I don't know.)