Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Happy Valentine's Day!

I knitted this yesterday kind of on a whim; I found the pattern here and was able to make it pretty quickly. I think I'll make another, and give one to each of my sisters (as a washcloth) for the holiday. Along with a few other choice gifts & candies (we have something of a sisterly tradition in that vein...).

In other news, there's not much to fill y'all in on - this weekend was fun but really rather low-key. We had a pleasant dinner at my friend Sally's house on Saturday night before rushing off to The Brattle to see a screening of A Clockwork Orange - a wonderful but tres disturbing film. Ah, I heart Kubrick, though. And it was great to see ACO on the big screen! That's what I love about the Brattle.

Just last night, I finished up a cute little toddler-sized "star" scarf (pattern info here) to give to a local preschool that was recently robbed - they lost a lot of electronics, but also winter clothing for the students! So I thought I'd chip in a knitted good or two...unfortunately (because of prior commitments to the baby blanket), I was only able to get one done before we leave for Japan. Which is unfortunate; I had wanted to try to get several in! But I guess it's good news that probably by the time we get back, the weather will start being warmer, and soon hats & scarves won't be needed. I'll have to see if they will want some more knitted goods for next year, though!

Anyway, speaking of Japan ... we leave in 2 short days! Eep! We're very not ready, but I'm strangely calm about it all...mostly. I am sure that won't last too much longer...tonight we do lots of laundry and I'll start throwing things in piles that I want to take with me. It's only a week. I think I can swing this.

Okay, everyone, make sure you get lots of kisses & hugs (not to mention candy) today! Here are some from me: xoxo

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those are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!
happy v-day