Friday, February 10, 2006

(after)noon delight

What an embarassing (but fun!) lunch hour I just had...

I left the house around 11:30 in order to make sure I got to my Boston Cares orientation meeting on time, as it was scheduled for noon and I had to walk a mile, not entirely certain where I was going. I made it to High Street in 15 minutes, but then couldn't manage to find any numbers on any of the buildings! I stopped and got some coffee, and then wandered around a bit (in the wrong direction, of course) until I figured out where to go. I walked in the building just behind another girl, who pressed "4" on the elevator. Turns out she was going to the same place I was, and we were both the last to arrive! So we sat next to each other and chatted until the meeting started, which was not terribly informative (I knew most of the information already), but it was nice to see all the new faces (of people who are just as interested in volunteering as I am!). The meeting was rather short, and at the end the girl who led it came over to me because she had recognized my name, and rememebered that I had emailed her about donating knitted baby blankets. So I was like "actually, I have mine, right here...can I give it to you now?" and so she had to embarass me by pulling it out and displaying it to everyone!! Eep! But, they all praised it, so that was nice to hear. It was such a simple pattern, though; I felt rather silly! Oh, well. In any case, then 4 of us girls (the 2 girls who coordinated the meeting, plus the supersweet girl I came in with, Regina) all ended up bonding, getting into this involved conversation about knitting, it was great! :)

In any case, I signed up and then Regina and I walked out together. We parted ways at the corner; I was headed over to Staples to pick up some blank DVDs and CDs (we're running out of both at home). I found my way there (I tend to have a pretty good sense of direction in Boston, even when I have no idea where I am), and then spent like 10 minutes standing in front of the digital media section, staring at all the different kinds of CDs, not sure what to get! Finally, one of the store employees took pity on me and helped talk me through it. I headed over to the register, holding 2 large CD spindles...and one slipped out of my fingers, and barreled towards the counter, landing thisclose to a woman who looked like she would NOT have been pleased to have it hit her... Paying went just fine (even though the woman who checked me out kept saying "you're the one that dropped the CDs, aren't you?"), but as I was leaving, I managed to set off the alarm. Another helpful store employee de-magnetized my bag...and then I managed to walk out the wrong door. Oy. What an afternoon.

At least my stop at the library went okay! Haha. Now I should probably get back to work...xoxo

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