Monday, September 12, 2005

my so-called life

Well, I suppose I owe y'all an update, huh? Sorry for the lapse there, but things have been busy! I don't really feel like I've had a real moment to sit down & read for quite a while, unfortunately. But oh well, not that I'm complaining! I had a really nice weekend with my sisters and our boys...I don't even remember when the last time I posted here was, so I won't try to fill in everything that's happened since then, but I am actually back in CT once again, for about a week. How did I get here, you ask? Well, Saturday morning Bethany & I got together to bake a cake for Sarah, as her birthday (28!) is the 14th. She & Liam were going to visit Boston for the weekend, so we figured we'd have a little celebration, as well. We decided to make the cake from scratch, which while a lot of work was really fun! And worth it - the cake turned out very good! But it took longer than I expected (I guess because I'm used to throwing a mix, eggs, water, and oil into a bowl when I usually make cakes, heh), so I rushed home as soon as I could, since I had promised Dan I'd go to the main library with him. We had a pleasant walk over and managed our way through locating things in the library well enough. As we were leaving, we stopped to pick up some free cake that they were handing out on the library steps, in celebration of Boston's 375th anniversary (I think it was something like that?).

Next we ran some errands, to Borders & Staples at Downtown Crossing, still on our way back home. When we were picking up tomatoes at Haymarket, we got a call from Bethany telling us that Sarah & Liam were already in Boston! So Dan & I rushed back home, got ready in record time, and rushed out the door. After a missed-train mishap, Kevin came to pick us all up, and we drove out to see his new house in the 'burbs...I hadn't seen it yet, it's pretty nice (but definitely not where I want to be living when I am 27...I don't know when, if ever, I'll feel ready to settle down somewhere like that!). So, well, we all ate cake and played some Trivial Pursuit before heading out to have dinner & a movie at the premium theater in Framingham. The theater itself was really nice - big, soft leather seats with double armrests (so no one has to share!), trays in front of each seat for your food, and all-you-can-eat popcorn and soda included in the price - but the movie we had to see (there was only one option! grr) was not so great: The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Well, I take that back - the story itself I found really interesting, but I am NOT a fan of scary movies! Thank goodness I had worn a hooded sweatshirt that night, so I could shield my eyes from any terrifying scenes. I still had trouble getting to sleep that night, but it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been...

Sunday, we didn't mean to but we slept in, and then I rushed around packing my things after Sarah called to let us know she & Liam were headed into the city (they had stayed at Kevin's) to see our new place! It wasn't very clean, but they seemed to like it anyway. :) We all headed out to see the Ahts Festival (I swear, that's how it's spelled!) out near Fanueil Hall, stopped at a few stores, and then Sarah, Liam, and I hopped in the car to drive back to CT! I had to say goodbye to Danny which wasn't fun, but I will see him on Saturday just in time to go to Ian's wedding over in Poughkeepsie, yay!

For now, I'm kicking around at my parents' house. Tomorrow I am going into the office for work, Thursday I have a doctor appointment, Saturday I have the wedding at the Vassar chapel, and Sunday is Dan's family's race in upstate MA! So, should be a pretty busy second half of the week, at least...

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