Tuesday, September 20, 2005

what a weird day...

Well today started off normal enough, riding the T in with Danny to get him a 12-ride pass, but then it just went odd on me. The morning was fine, but around 1 I had to leave to go to an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon all the way out at the Longwood stop on the green line. So I left myself an hour and a half to get there, and was doing just fine...until I got to the Government Center T stop to hop aboard, and found out that it was closed! No trains were running there. So they sent us upstairs to take some mysterious shuttle buses that I swear I didn't see hide nor hair of, but I did see a large group of people gathered around an MBTA official, who was directing people as to what they should do. A guy before me asked where he should go to get a train to Coolidge Corner, and the MBTA guy told him to walk down to Boylston. Reassured that the T was running somewhere (there was no way I was going to be able to walk to Longwood, and I didn't want to have to spend $ on a cab!), and seeing that the stranded guy looked kind of confused as to where to go, I beckoned him to follow me and we fell into step. We introduced ourselves and talked about where we were from (since he had a strong accent - he is from Italy) and chatted about general things. Carlo and I had a pleasant walk together down to Boylston...where we found out that THAT train wasn't running, either! So we had to continue walking down to Arlington, where to our relief we found a working T station. He gave me my card so that we can have coffee maybe next time he is in the North End (he goes there to get his hair cut). (And, don't worry Danny, it wasn't like that. He's very nice - if I ever see him again hopefully you will meet him, too.)

Anyway, the exercise was nice, but because of the unexpected delay, I was running wicked late to my appointment. I hopped on an E-line train and managed to make it to the hospital pretty much on time only after speed-walking down Longwood Ave. But thankfully I didn't have to get x-rays done today, so I was told to sit and wait...and wait...and wait... For over an hour! Apparently my doctor was running behind as usual, but normally it's not this bad - he told me he had to see a ton of pateints today, so that all his "old girlfriends" like me had to wait, haha. Oh, well - good thing I had a book! And that my very, very impatient father wasn't with me!

While I was waiting, I got a phone call from our landlord, who told me he had received the rent check I wrote for him...but that on the line where one is supposed to spell out the amount, I had written thousand instead of hundred!! Oops! So he said he would rip the check up, and I told him I'd mail him the new one tomorrow.

My appointment itself went fine, and was over very quickly. My doctor said I was doing well, and that he thinks I'm walking better than I ever have, yay!

Then on my walk back to the T stop, I glanced across the street, and happened to see...Erica, from high school?!?! Yay! She's awesome. So we met up and hugged and chatted for a bit, but she was headed home to get some med school applications done, so we didn't linger for long. I hope to make plans with her sometime in October, though, when she is done with all that!

Thankfully, the train ran all the way into Government Center on the way back, though, whew. Since then, nothing all that odd has happened, but ... the day's not over, yet! Heh.

I have to write again sometime soon about last weekend (particularly stupid McDonald's), but for now this is long enough. Ciao! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

whoa no "T" in Boston? that could ruin a day! fortunately you tend to see the glass half full & appreciate that it made it interesting, leading you to meet a friendly stranger..and only slightly annoying. thankfully he wasn't TOO friendly. i often hope that the dice turns out ok when i meet someone random who appears to be friendly. oh the woes of being a woman in the world..

love ya,
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...
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