Tuesday, November 09, 2010

welcome back?

Karen inspired me to blog again, and so I'm posting - of course - on the day when I'm absolutely most stressed out about getting papers done, ugh. I have 2 assignments due tomorrow evening, and then one paper/project due the 14th, and another the 15th. Whoo! I sure am looking forward to the 16th...! :)

Not much to report on...I just want to try to get back into the swing of this. Who knows if I'll actually stick with it. I just like the idea of getting some thoughts down - journaling, as it were. Or keeping track of my life. A bit like a diary, but less...girly. Heh.

I have been posting a lot on Facebook, of course, regarding my everyday thoughts. And I post most of my knitting on ravelry, since I long ago lost the sweet potato knits domain to an ex. (I am keeping an eye on it, and hoping to purchase it again when it expires!!!) So I'm not sure exactly what I'll be posting up here. My goal is to keep my posts shorter, since I don't have as much time to read blog posts these days, either, so I understand that people don't want to be swamped with words.

...I'm doing a stellar job of that so far, eh?? :)

Okay, I'll keep the rest of this brief. I am still doing library school (duh) and I'm busy with that. I have a side job thanks to a friend where I am a "security guard" - imagine! me! - which brings in a bit of extra cash, but luckily I have student loans (not looking forward to paying those off!) and should be done with the program in spring 2011. (Cross your fingers for me!)

Otherwise, I mostly split my time very unevenly between Bristol (my place) & Hartford (Troy's place - his gets more time, mostly because of the dog). I am knitting while studying, but dying to get back into reading more novels. Hence why I'm not even going to bother posting what I'm currently reading - it's all boring (to everyone else) school books! (Plus, you can keep an eye on what I'm reading on Goodreads!)

That's all, really, in a nutshell. I don't have much news - oh, besides recently becoming godmother to my new niece, Violet! - and besides, I feel like everyone just keeps up with me via Facebook. I'm going to go for more goal-oriented, introspective posts on this blog, then - a la Karen, I hope!

For now: back to work!!!


Marsha said...

Thanks for the update! (I nuked my Facebook account a few months ago, so don't get to see any of your news there.) Sounds like you are busy and doing well. :)

Unknown said...

YAY! Glad to have you back, A! I like reading your blog. Maybe you can inspire me. Oh, the time I need but don't have!

arianna said...

@Marsha - I remember your FB account closure...I'm so glad I've still got your blog for keeping up with you! :)

@Bethany - I know, right?? UGH. We need to petition for them to add more hours to the day...heh.