Wednesday, August 04, 2010


i'm chilling at Planned Parenthood waiting for my long overdue appointment (+30 mins, at this point), because i have a UTI (sorry if that's TMI! haha) and no GP right now, even though i have health insurance through the end of August from my old job. oh, well. Troy was so sweet because he wanted to come along, but couldn't because of work. so, blah. i'm totally bored, but trying to read. my librarian book is awesomeness. :)

we made marzipan today at work; it was so much fun!!

okay, gotta go wait some more...xo

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Anonymous said...

Hope the appointment went well.

I am a big fan of marzipan. :)

noah cordova said...

I had to look up UTI and the first thing I saw was Universal Technical Institute. lol. I had one before.

In other news I cant follow your blog. u_u

arianna said...

Hahaha Noah, that's awesome. :)

I'm sorry you can't follow it a technical problem??

I don't even post it might not be a big deal. ;)

Marsha - I used to hate marzipan!! But it's sooo much fun. :) Also - the appointment (and subsequent antibiotics) DID go well, thanks!!