Friday, November 12, 2010

stuffy stuff

I was inspired yet again by Karen's blog, this time to cook. Last night I tried to make an easy Spinach Cheddar Bake, but it was somewhat disappointing - not very substantial, which I guess I should have expected. Troy said it might be good in an omelet, and that's probably true: a spinach & cheddar one! An egg was used in the recipe, so he probably tasted that, too.

Anyway, so that was a failure. No worries - just keep trying new things! It actually inspired Troy to promise he'd cook something for ME out of his One Pot cookbook, so I'm excited for that...when he does cook, he cooks very well. His breakfast sandwiches are to die for.

Otherwise, I'm excited because I just finished up the body on my $5 in Paris (or, Autumn 2010 Sweater). It seems to fit well, which I was uncertain about! I still have to do the sleeves, but they have to wait until I can get back to my apartment and grab my set of #7 double-pointed needles.

I'm currently audiobooking Dracula, and really loving it! It's not as scary as I was worried it would be. It's nice to read in bits & pieces for study breaks and while cooking or doing the dishes. I also LOVE this narrator, Robert Whitfield; I've read some other things by him (Bleak House, Pilgrim's Progress - and now I want to hear him do Casino Royale!) and I was pleased when I realized I'd be listening to him again. His voices and pacing are fantastic.

My schoolwork is slowly getting done...I had to write a collections development policy for a library, which TERRIFIED me, but I actually think it turned out...respectably. For never having written one before. I'm still scared I did it all wrong, but...I did what I could, with what I knew. We'll see.

Now, back to work on project #2: designing a teen space! I am very interested in this one, but I'm just not sure how it should be done, or how much the professor wants from us. Guess I'll just, like the last couple of projects for this class, do what feels right.

I'm looking forward to being done with this overwhelming semester...! xo

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