Monday, January 14, 2008

watch instantly

So, I just saw them mention on CNN that Netflix was offering a new feature where you could choose to watch streaming video of some of their catalog, instead of waiting for the actual DVD to arrive in the mail, as per usual.

Uhm...I've had that feature for over a year now. Hasn't everyone??


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's been around for a year. But until today, there were limits on how much streaming content you could watch per month. (I think it was 17 hours per month for people on the 3-DVDs-at-a-time plan.) As of today, there are no limits whatsoever!

arianna said...

Ah, I see. But they were *totally* promoting it as a new feature! I heard no mention whatsoever of it being unlimited, and I listened to the whole segment. Very odd.

Thanks for filling me in, though!

Anonymous said...

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