Monday, January 14, 2008

more on Austin

I realized I didn't really explain to anyone what's going on, and why I'm in Austin. Some of you already know, since I've told you the news in person, but not everyone, so: I have been moved to another team in my company. Actually, the team I had originally interviewed/been hired to work for. Unfortunately, between the time that I was hired and the time that I started (that was a couple months, due to the need to complete some work for my old company), I was reassigned to help out with a team that had a big workload. But I've since been reassigned again, yay! I am truly excited for this new work...I just hope I can manage it! It'll be in C++, which I'm very, very rusty in, but which I definitely prefer over Java. And from what I learned today, it looks like very interesting work! My team is great so far. I am still learning a LOT, so I can't say how well it's going to go at this point, but things are looking good at the moment. For the week, I'm down here training - learning the product and the system I'll be using for development, etc. Luckily, I've got an excellent (and patient) teacher. We'll see how things go - I'll update more from down here (but maybe not much more about work, unless something big happens), but for now, I have to go check on a build.

Also, sorry I was not posting at all & now I'm posting like mad! I think part of it is that I feel completely disconnected, being down here without anyone I know (Rodrigo, I miss you!). I guess it's just nice to have somewhere to get all my thoughts down...because, while I could talk to Towel Bunny, he's unfortunately not very responsive, heh.

Have a good evening, everyone! I'm going to go enjoy the last few minutes of the warm day. xo

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