Thursday, January 31, 2008

da bears

I meant to post quickly about the Bruins game we went to see on Tuesday night. Bethany, Tara, & I got tickets for the team's Go Red Awareness Night, which meant that $5 out of each of our tickets went to the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign. So, the 3 of us ladies decided to hit the Garden & do our part, while enjoying one of our favorite sports! :)

Here we are, just pre-faceoff:

And here's a shot of the ice from our seats, which indicates our nosebleed status. (Not to say we didn't enjoy it! We had a blast.)

We ate overpriced pizza & delicious ice cream, saw some good fights, and Boston won that game against the Nashville Predators.

Go Bruins! xo


Anonymous said...

good photo!

Unknown said...

we are just the cutest! surprising how well it came out since we only had a dot to look at our faces in! also, tara and i are becoming quite the subject matter! heehee!