Friday, January 18, 2008

jet lag

I know I wasn't even in Austin that long, but I still feel like I'm an hour off with everything. Last night, I couldn't sleep because it felt too early to be going to bed. This morning, I got to work about an hour later than I usually do, although that was due to a combination of factors. First, Dan had to go to work so that woke me up, and I wanted to try to sleep a little more once he was gone, but I was all jittery and couldn't. Then, all of a sudden, it was the complete opposite: I was exhausted, and unable to stay awake no matter how many times I pressed snooze. In my half-asleep (and confused-by-weird-dreams) stupor, I figured that was okay, because I'd just work from home for the day. Unfortunately, at around 8 o'clock, I remembered that my team had started scheduling a Friday meeting - and I didn't have phone forwarding or anything set up! So I scrambled to get into work (it was really interesting seeing the kind of people who are on the train at that time of day), and made it with about 1/2 hour to spare...only to find out that the meeting had been cancelled! Haha. Oh, well. No big deal; it's not like I had any real reason to be one place or the other. But it's just my luck that that would happen...not to mention that I actually felt like I was having a good hair day...and that definitely got ruined by the indecisive rain (not light but not heavy) on the way to & from the train. Thanks, karma!

/me shakes her fist

I wonder what I did to deserve this. (Haha, yeah, I've been watching way too much My Name Is Earl lately....) xo

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