Monday, November 28, 2005

yay, Christmastime!

Yay, Dan & I have our tree up! We bought it last night, at Urban Outfitters - not exactly what we'd been planning to do, but it's already the Christmas season, so ordering one online would have been a pain, since it would have probably taken several weeks to arrive, and by then it would be mid- if not late-December! So yeah, we bought a 6-foot silver tree and awesome pink lights, and we put it together along with some star lights you can vaguely see in the background (I really need to get a camera other than just my cell phone! But I know I'd just lose it...), and some blue lights that are adorning our bookshelves. I LOVE LIGHTS, so it's definitely making me very happy to see those, and all the others up around the neighborhood & the city. Yesterday night on our way home, we walked through a local park that has a long tunnel with a solid ceiling of blue lights, it was amazing. I can't wait to go back there and take a walk during the next snowfall - how magical it'll be...

I have plenty to catch everyone up on, I know, but I hope y'all had lovely Thanksgivings! Mine was great, although small this year, family-wise (we were missing a good 5 people, and my family isn't huge to begin with!). But it was fun to see my cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles, and especially my parents. I ate lots of yummy food, of course, so I'm not complaining! :) Not much else to report, though, about the holiday itself. I did get to see Jen, Tanya, and Sarah while I was back, though, yay!! Really the only people who are in CT that I wanted to see, other than family! So that was awesome. I got to have good, long talks with both Tanya & Sarah, which I think I really needed - I miss both of those girls so much! I can't wait until they move up here! Teehee...maybe that's just wishful thinking, but still... Hey, at least I get Karen! :) Maybe we can manage to convince the others....!

I will post more later, about my weekend in CT and particularly my doctor appointment issues. For now, though, I've got to go get some work done! As per usual. xoxo

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