Monday, November 07, 2005

this past weekend

...and one more post, and I promise I'm done for the day. :)

Just wanted to update quickly on my past weekend, let's see...Friday night Dan & I went to see Jarhead, which I hadn't really been very eager to see, but I enjoyed well enough. A pretty good war movie (in which I mean it portrays the whole "war is hell" theme well enough) along the lines of Apocalypse Now and Platoon, although I definitely prefer both of those to Jarhead. I have to say, though, I've never really been a huge fan of Jake Gyllenhaal, but he did a good job, too. As did Peter Saarsgard and Jamie Foxx, who I do like.

Saturday morning I went to the Emerson open house, to learn more about their editing & publishing masters program, which I am interesting in pursuing. Not quite sure if I want to go there - I forgot how much I dislike the pretentiousness of academia, although I have a feeling if I got in, I'd enjoy the other students in my program - a lot of it could have just been the over-eagerness (and annoying, incredibly specific questions that were completely irrelevant to everyone but the asker) of the other people who were interested in the program - and I have to keep in mind that at least half of the people in the auditorium with me were there for the creative writing program, which is something I wouldn't want to touch with a 10-foot pole...I love to write, but I do not enjoy the cattiness & competitiveness that is professional writing. I know it's probably just me, and my own insecurities. But I am going to write on my own, if I ever do. For me. (Yeah it'd be nice if it gets published, but I know that's a pipe dream, so I mostly will be happy with myself if I finish something that I'm happy with...I hope...)

Anyway, I left before the campus tour, because I just didn't feel like sticking around. Headed home and spent the afternoon around the house with Dan. We made it to the kung fu video store in Downtown Crossing just before it closed, and bought a couple of movies - with some help from the awesome guys who worked there, I located Battle Royale, a movie about Japanese high school students who have to kill or be killed on a Lord-of-the-Flies like's terribly hard to explain (I could barely do it, myself!), but definitely worth checking out. The guys at the store knew what I was describing only one sentence in (I said something like "the movie about the Japanese high school kids on an island who have to kill each other?" and instantly they had the title for me). I guess it's a pretty well-known movie in certain circles; I had watched it a few years previous with my friend Alex, and had only vague (but disturbing) memories of it, heh...

So, we got home, made some dinner, and were about to settle in to watch, when we got invited out for drinks at The Waterfront...long story, but we went, had a few drinks & a good time, and then came home & watched. We had planned to watch the 2 movies Dan had bought, but we ended up falling asleep halfway through the second one.

Then on Sunday, I met up with DiRoberts for breakfast at The Pour House, and we had these *incredibly good* pumpkin pie pancakes...yum. I am so going back there before autumn ends! Then we wandered around Back Bay for a bit before meeting up with Brian, who surprisingly shares my passion for Bostonian history, and particularly that of the MBTA! So we had a bit of fun discussing all that before I parted ways with the 2 of them to head home...I never did make it there, though! I ended up wandering around Downtown Crossing for a bit, spending some time at the Borders there, and then hopping on the orange line to head out to Circles to pick up some skeins of yarn that I had ordered, yay! I'm excited to start project #872 that I am in the middle of...haha...

Then I got back on the T to ride over to Harvard Square, where I met Dan after his ABC meeting. While I was waiting, I got myself a "birthday cake tea" at Tealuxe, which Amber has raved about in the past - and I have to say mmm, I agree! Very yummy. I sat in the shop and read/planned out a pattern for the yarn that I had just picked up. A pleasant way to spend an hour or so on a beautiful-but-slightly-chilly Sunday afternoon. I really enjoyed watching all of the people out the window; Harvard Square is always hopping, and at times I tend to get lost in imagining up stories about the passerby!

When Dan & I finally met up, we ran some errands around the Square (mostly in The Garage), and then I finally, finally got to head back home after a long day out! I was exhausted, and settled in to watch Finding Neverland and work on Dan's 2005 scarf (I think I will make this a yearly thing - provided he wants to supply the yarn!) for the evening.

We stopped at Bethany's briefly to pick up a chair she wanted to give to us, and to hear a little bit about her trip to AZ that she just returned from. It sounds like she had a great time - I can't wait to catch up over blueberry tea sometime soon! Besides the great chair, she gave me a beatiful pair of red sea-glass earrings that she had bought for me down South. I'll have to take a picture of them sometime so I can share them on here.

Well, as usual, I've written way more than I intended! But, I have to get going now - it's almost time for self-defense class! xoxo

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