Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the plan

Okay, so in September, my plan is to start sticking around Boston on most weekends (I haven't been in the city much this summer) and getting things done as much on the weekends as possible around here, so that I can actually get to bed at a reasonable hour on weeknights!  I can barely seem to stay awake today, it's awful.  I think I need to get more sleep at nights to counteract that.  I'll still do Wednesday nights at SNB (if I can ever make it home in time, once the T is back to normal) and the occasional evening out, but to save both time & money (and my sanity!), I need to stop spreading myself so thin.  And part of that means not quite so much traveling.

Of course, I'm going to NJ this weekend and NH on the 24th, which I probably shouldn't, but I want to.  But, you know.  I plan to start soon. xoxo

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