Sunday, August 19, 2007


Well. That seemed almost too easy. I'm kind of worried. And still shaking.

I just (finally!) called Verizon to cancel my service with them, after having put it off again and again and again, due to being terrified that they were going to tell me I was in contract with them until the year 2086. I knew that I just wanted to get out; if I was going to have to pay the cancellation fee then I just was going to, but I was going to be really angry if so, because my contract with them was techinically up in September of 2006. I had inquired in several stores about what would happen once my contract term was up; I was worried it would automatically renew for one reason or another (I had heard horror stories), but was reassured that if I didn't get a new phone on contract, I would simply be paying month-to-month. I had kept the phone even after getting a new one, telling myself it was because I wanted to make sure I didn't miss any calls, but I know it was largely because I was literally scared witless of the dreaded Cancellation Call.

However, it turned out pretty well, I believe! (I'm still crossing my fingers, because the dance isn't over yet; it should be shut off by 10:30 tonight, and then they'll mail me a letter confirming the cancellation.) But the rep on the phone was very helpful (and I made sure to get his name, and record the date & time of the call), and told me that since I wasn't under contract, I was all set. Like I said before, it seemed almost too easy. I really did say "um, was that it?" Apparently I'm paid up with them through the end of September, but I asked them please to just turn the service off tonight; I didn't want to find out later on that I'd been charged extra or roped into another contract inadvertently. So hopefully they'll also refund me that money for September.

Anyway, all I can think is PHEW. I am so glad I won't be paying 2 phone bills anymore. It was getting frustrating because I barely used the Verizon phone, but I still don't think I've told everyone my new number, either. Eep. Guess it's mass-email time! Also, if any of you don't yet have it (I believe most of you do, though), please lemme know and I'll be sure to send it your way (or give you a call! hehe).

I need to go relax. I'm still all worked up; I had mentally prepared myself for such a battle, that now it almost (but only almost!) feels like a let-down. What do I do with all this nervous energy?! xo

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