Monday, May 14, 2007

my head aches

I'm not sure why I'm feeling less-than-100% today, it's not like I did any imbibing this weekend or anything. But I guess I did spread myself a little thin. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll have much free time to recover until next week, but I think (hope!) this week & upcoming weekend in NY will be a pleasant one.

I restarted my socks and they are coming along swimmingly, but I've temporarily put them aside to knit up the Baby Surprise Sweater that Circles has set up for a charity drive. I chose color combinations I probably would never otherwise have considered (many shades of purple, mostly), which are actually making a very nice blend. I'm a little less than halfway through, mostly because I knit my way through The African Queen last night, which by the way I just loved. The scene where Bogart is helping Hepburn turn some crank on the boat, and you see his agonized heart-on-your-sleeve face over her shoulder, is just so priceless. I am starting to see the attraction of Mr. Bogart -- because he's certainly not someone who would make me do a double-take if he walked by me on the street (not that he ever could right now, but you know...). But he is an amazing actor.

In other way important news, I need to point out to everyone that my fabulous print-making sister has finally set herself up with an Etsy shop! Please visit Buzz Buzz Bee and take a look around. There's plenty of adorable stuff, with more to come, so definitely keep her bookmarked! :) (Yes, shameless plug, but I do love her work. I would buy it even if we weren't related, no question.)

All right, back to work, sigh. Comme toujours.
Ciao! xoxo

p.s. D'oh, wait! I forgot to share my new haircut. Awful cameraphone photo, but it was the best I could do:

It's actually very dark-reddish, too (I think she called it mahogany? Or something?), but you can't really see that, sorry. Maybe more photos soon, although of course my hair doesn't look nearly as sleek anymore as it did post-salon.

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