Friday, May 11, 2007

ah gauge, the bane of my existence...

So, I've been pretty much powering through this pair of socks recently; I started one of the pair last Sunday & was almost done with it yesterday (for me, that's fast). However, I was getting really nervous, because they looked really much bigger than I needed. I had Dan try them on for me last night, and I realized that they are much too loose. I wanted to kick myself for not doing a swatch, but I have knit the same socks before on the same needles -- I just forgot that I had done it with entirely different yarn. Blargh. So I guess I have to resort to starting all over again, oh well!

Tonight, as Christine knows (we ran into each other at Windsor Button yesterday evening and had a nice chat, about accordians and beers on a warm night, quite pleasant things really), I am going to help my friend try to knit a candy corn hat out of white, orange, and yellow yarn. She's a pretty new knitter, so it should be a fun project to keep her occupied, with a neat finished product (I'll try to remember to take pictures!).

Lots going on in other areas of life that I want to record (about my stay in CT, which I still haven't posted on, and about how I've finally finished The Blind Assassin, phew!), but all I want to post about right now is knitting. Sorry! More another time, xoxo

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