Monday, November 08, 2004

i'm frustrated

Okay, so maybe someday when I'm sick and tired of the current look of this thing, I'll go back and try to change the background stuff again, but for the time being I GIVE UP!! I have been trying for ages to make a background I like, and I thought I was satisfied! But I just realized the other day that, while it looks nice and pretty on my browser (Firefox), the code that I had put into the template to change things around a bit and personalize the site to me did NOT work out nearly the same way in IE. D'oh. Once again, another reason I hate IE! And I would have even said "fuck IE, I don't care if it works with that crappy browser", but of course 99% of the world is still tied by the apron strings to it. So I just couldn't bring myself to let things be - I didn't want IE users to think I had such an ugly (and yes, it was UGLY) site.

I chose this one cuz it's pink, but I don't really like the layout. At least it's kinda pretty...

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