Thursday, November 04, 2004

i grew up in a mail-order house

I did! Sounds rather absurd, doesn't it? But Sears, Roebuck, & Co. used to sell houses and the furniture to go inside them, back in the day! Ours is from somewhere around the turn of the century (the 19th to the 20th, that is - I keep forgetting there's been one since then). Of course, ours has since been modified in several ways - like with the great addition my dad put on one side of the house in '91 - but it's still, at heart, a mail-order house. Aww.

Here's yet another fun fact: did you know that Animal Crackers were originally intended as Christmas treats? Hence the strings on the boxes - they're not for carrying, they're actually so that the boxes could be hung on trees! Crazy, huh? Ah, the things I keep learning from Mr. Bryson...

I watched the new version of Freaky Friday tonight ... heh. I actually have to say I enjoyed it! I thought I wouldn't because I really liked the original with Jodie Foster, but this one was a very cute, modernized remake. One of those feel-good teen movies. Gah, as embarassing as it is to say, I have to admit I'm a sucker for those...

I just signed up for StarzTicket today, the movie download website - and so far, I'm pretty impressed! The downloads are usually around 6oomb, and they take only 2 or 3 hours to download, if that. Even on our slow connection! The concept is that there is a somewhat limited selection of movies (the selections get rotated through maybe once a week, I think), and you can only watch those that are currently being offered - no matter when you downloaded the movie, if it's no longer offered by StarzTicket, you can't watch it. But you can download as many as you want, for $12.95 a month! So, I think it's a pretty fair trade-off. And the movie quality's not bad at all - at least not on my 17'' LCD monitor. So, we'll see - I'll give a verdict at the end of this free trial period of 14 days - for now, I'm just gonna enjoy the movies! :)

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