Wednesday, October 20, 2004

spring heeled jack & johnny too bad

For some reason I decided to revive the music of these bands today, after having almost completely forgotten about them for long months...I even went on and bought JTB's Pathwork Girl! It's too bad I couldn't find their demo, that is by far one of my favorite albums ever. I have it on tape somewhere at home; I'm going to have to figure out how to make mp3s of it!!

In any case, it got me thinking a lot. SHJ, especially, brings back a LOT of memories for me - high school, "skankin' at the ska" as Bethany used to say, friends made through The CT ska scene really defined a large chunk of my high school career, and is probably what got me through most of it! I was the first Rude Girl FHS ever saw, I do believe...

I miss those days. I was looking at a site that talked about Spring Heeled Jack's reunion show post-Dave (RIP), and I was so sad that I never got to go to that. I think I still have the unused tickets that I purchased, which arrived one day too late at school (after I was already back home at my parents' house). Ugh.

Just the unity of those shows, the unity of the ska scene in there even anything like that out there today?? I guess there must be, I guess I'm just getting too old to know...

I should end this post now; I'll leave you with my favorite SHJ quote: "I'd rather do it now and regret it later..." <3

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Anonymous said...

Haha i just found this blog. We almost had a JTB reunion two weeks ago but various members couldn't make it.

anyway yeha there's still a scene here in CT