Tuesday, October 12, 2004

baby it's cold outside

I'm taking a break from work, not really sure why, but I can't focus right now. But then again, what's new. I don't think I should have gone for this whole working-from-home thing, after all...but we'll give it this year. At least I am producing stuff, but I never feel like it's enough.

Last night I watched some episodes of My So-Called Life (one of the few DVDs I own). I always forget how much I freakin' love that show. ("I freakin' love you, too, Ron Burgandy!") It was so incredibly well done - the acting is impeccable, the stories real, ... I dunno. I guess I just never got over the fact that they cancelled that show after one season, when it was one of the best shows I've ever seen on TV. How could they not see that?

Not that I even watch TV anymore anyway, so I couldn't say if there is anything out now that is comparable. People tell me Sex and the City is good, but I have never seen it. I know it's not the same thing as MSCL, but I guess it would be nice to find another show I appreciate, that I could watch on DVD. One that I don't know every line of by heart, hehe.

I mean of course there's always my Simpsons and Family Guy DVDs, and while they are fantastic, they're cartoons and comedy. Not quite the same thing.

Oh! And I also got a ton done on my scarf yesterday night; I have only been knitting it since Sunday afternoon, when Chandra and I bought yarn together! Yes, I said Chandra - we met up in Wilkes-Barre, PA for the weekend! It was so great to see her; it always seems like it's been too damn long, since I've known her since we were in 4th grade. Anyway, we got our hotel room on Saturday evening and then we out to the races! Pocono Downs is a sulky racing track in WB; I have never been to any kind of racing, so it was a ton of fun. Chandra bet on a random horse named Pieceofcake Kosmos, just because she liked the name. $2. Turns out that horse had *awful* odds, and she ended up making $19 off of her win! Nice job.

We spent some of our winnings on Dunkin Donuts the next morning, then drove around looking for a place to buy some yarn. After shopping for a bit at a mall we came across, we ended up at Michael's Arts & Crafts and bought what we needed, then sat around knitting in a nearby Barnes & Noble. Yeah, we're quite the party girls! Haha. But we always have so much fun together, it doesn't matter what we do. I love that girl.

Umm...not much else to report. Finally bought that toilet paper this morning that our apartment so badly needed. I was gonna try to get Dave to buy it because I feel like I buy everything for the house, but he has been out of town (at home in CT) for the past few days, and the situation was getting dire. Oh well, I'll try next time... I feel like I always end up caving in, though, because we both know if we really need something that badly, I'll just *have* to get it, right?

Maybe next time I'll just hoard the paper in my room and pretend like I don't need to use the bathroom until Dave needs paper, haha. Okay so I know he's a boy and he doesn't use nearly as much as a girl, but I mean I have bought other things which he uses. I dunno. Am I being unreasonable?

Okay, I have GOT to get back to work. I might add more later on tonight, or tomorrow. I feel like I want to start updating this more often, but like I have said before, my life seems to stupid and insignificant. Why write about it for others to see? Well, I guess everyone's doing it...and if everyone jumped off a bridge, you know I would, too! (That was sarcasm. I shouldn't be doing this because everyone else does. I'll have to think about that one...)

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