Wednesday, October 13, 2004

i heart Britney?

So I made out with Britney Spears in my dream last night. I remember that I didn't particularly want to, but we had to for some reason. Hmm. I wonder what that says about me....

I also had a nightmare, later on, where my sister and mother and I had to kill these weird bugs that worked kind of like a computer virus and hatched from small, red bath-bead-like things. My mother got mad at me when company (my godmother) came over to visit, and I was rather preoccupied with the bugs - whenever I tried to interrupt her to tell her that they were hatching again, she would get angry with me and tell me to be polite because we had company.

Also, my "dad" in the dream was some creepy, completely unfamiliar beer-gutted, balding, dark-haired man who burped as he passed us, waved hello with a beer in his hand, and walked on by as we were busy killing the bugs. Huh?

Good thing that's nothing like my Santa Claus dad. I like mine much better. And I'm pretty sure he would've helped us kill the bugs.

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