Monday, September 08, 2008

Martha's 100 declutter

I came across this Martha Stewart article on Unclutterer today, and although it's from a year ago, it's still got some great references for those of you looking to thin out the stuff in your life. I don't agree with some of the items, but for the most part it's a pretty nifty & comprehensive little guide. I found the information on preserve to be of particular interest...granted, some places (Boston included) do recycle all types of plastic, but I know that many places don't, so this is a neat way to keep #5 plastic out of the trash. I did a bit of searching the website, however, and while I had hoped they would offer discounts on their products for mailing in materials for their use, they do not - but they do offer postage-paid mailing labels, at least. So really all you would have to provide (besides your time & energy) is a box. Not too bad, but they still are reaping the benefits financially...still, I suppose I'd rather see the plastic used than tossed. Maybe it's just (crazy) me.

Thanks, Mom, for raising three recycling-obsessed daughters! (Well, I suppose that it's better than us being more ways than one, hah.)



Karen said...

neat link, thanks for sharing. i am slowly working on your letter ... sorry it's taking me so long.

Unknown said...

Hey A! This is great! Do you know they are located on Main Street in Waltham. I know we can recycle fives here, but I would almost rather bring them directly, you know, so I am going to see if they take drop offs. Will let you know and I can collect from you!

Unknown said...

aw darn! their shipments go to new york. waltham must be the offices.