Friday, September 19, 2008

10 happy thoughts

Because I've been having a really bad week, and because I am a pessimist by nature, I figured Wendy's idea of listing 10 things that make me happy right now was a good way to cheer myself up:

  1. the sunny-but-chilly fall weather

  2. feeling productive with my knitting (although still somewhat overwhelmed...)

  3. a warm cup of French vanilla coffee

  4. my cozy new Urban Outfitters shirt (that I'm wearing right now)

  5. the anticipation of a good book (I'm enjoying Anathem thus far)

  6. my new shelves

  7. having cleared the air a bit with some people

  8. making plans with other people that I haven't seen in ages (and was being lazy about contacting...hopefully I'll get to everyone soon)

  9. Talk Like A Pirate Day, of course

  10. and last but certainly not least, plans to have dinner with my family for Sarah's birthday this evening, at a lovely teahouse in Middletown (I'm especially looking forward to the cake!)

Oh and I have to add: 11. feeling like I've been organizing and purging a lot of the stuff that plagues me every day...I love the calm that I get from not having so many things. I am really trying to get rid of useless crap (and things I just don't use, even if I think I might someday...) and I've gone through a lot this past month. I hope to continue to clear our the clutter.

Um...otherwise, really not much going on with me. As I said above, I had a really bad week, emotionally and physically draining, and I am just ready to get some sleep this weekend. I am also looking forward to having some sisterly fun, as Bethany will be in town to celebrate Sarah's birthday, so we'll be hanging out a lot. Luckily my sisters tend towards more quiet-time activities, too, so I hopefully will feel rested after this weekend (since clearly last weekend I did not).

I hope you all have a great weekend, and that all of you feel rested & relaxed afterwards. xo

Currently Reading:

TITLE: Anathem
AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson

TITLE: Consuming Kids
AUTHOR: Susan Linn

TITLE: Bleak House
AUTHOR: Charles Dickens


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear about your crummy week! Here's hoping the weekend brings better times for you.

We just got our first taste of sunny-but-chilly fall weather here--this morning. I had to wear a fleece and SOCKS (I am pretty anti-sock when it's warm) this morning when taking Sylvia to school!

wenders said...

Hola! Isn't the fall weather the best!? And coffee. Mmmm. I understand about draining weeks - I am putting my foot down this weekend and having stretches of time where I. Do. Nothing.

Get some rest!!

Jeanette said...

I am sorry that you have had such a bad week. Your weekend sounds like it will be lovely though, so enjoy!
If for some reason you end up near Boston on Sunday evening, I plan on cooking and you are welcome to come by and have dinner here.