Tuesday, September 18, 2007

on the bright side

Since I realized all my recent posts have been grumpy ones, here are some nice things coming up this week:

  • An awesome pair of new shoes! (This already happened, but I couldn't resist posting about it.) Yay, Zappos.com:

  • Fondue & Death By Chocolate to help celebrate Tara's birthday tonight!

  • This already happened too, but yesterday's 1/2 hour power outage at work was actually fun: we're a software company, so while there are backup generators, for the most part people enjoyed the break and had some fun.

  • Getting to see Kelley on Friday, finally! And going to see Live & Collective Soul with her!

  • Finally picking up some tailored pants that I've desperately needed to rotate into my wardrobe for quite some time! (It's like new clothes, but hopefully slightly cheaper....)

  • Spending some quality time with Danny!

I think that's it for now. I am sure there are other fun things, but that'll have to do for now, because I have GOT to go get work done! (And try to keep my mind off this credit card fraud thing.) xoxo

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