Tuesday, September 18, 2007


(I typed "addendumbs" up there by mistake, and I almost left it, because it seemed quite appropriate, heh.)

I wanted to add several things:

  • The shoes I just posted about are bridesmaids shoes, for my sister Bethany's upcoming wedding. She let us choose anything we wanted, so I went with a pair (thanks for finding them, Sarah!) that I really liked & knew I would wear again. They probably won't even be that visible at the actual wedding, since my dress is so long.

  • I forgot to add another nice thing: that I also had a lovely weekend with (my other sister) Sarah (celebrating her 30th!) and my parents. We ate a nice dinner and shopped and crafted. We made these really cute fleece baby blankets that we'd both been wanting to try, but I got impatient (I hate working with fabric! I always forget that!) and mine was kind of messy (even though the dinosaur-print fabric was totally fun). Sarah's turned out beautifully, though. I should have snapped pictures!

  • And, a fun outing with Sally this weekend yielded me *square dinner plates* (I've been coveting a set for just about EVER) from West Elm over at Fenway. I decided on large red ones and smaller black ones, and I love how they look together. I can't wait to have a dinner party (I don't know how I'll manage THAT in my small apartment, but one can dream, can't they?) and get to set the table. I've never been this excited for tableware, ever! :)

  • Cake at work this morning. Can't start a day off better than that!

Okay, seriously, that's it for now. I just didn't want to leave out the important stuff! xo

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Anonymous said...

Cake at work--hooray! That IS a good start to the day!

If the credit-card fiasco is still getting you down, stop by my blog and enter my contest! Look at the 9 September entry. :)

Oh--did you ever decide to get the lifetime subscription to LotRO? My husband just completed a trial of the game and liked it so much that he's ordered a copy!