Tuesday, December 07, 2004

so not right

I just had a dream that Barb (Dan's little sister) took pony-riding lessons. On a horse that had blue hair. And that we had to fill it up with gas before the next rider could take her turn.

All very, very odd.

I wonder what's going on in my mind...

I'm also very upset right now because I'm working on knitting the first sock in the 2 pairs I am making my sisters for Christmas, and while everything is going okay, I just cut THE WRONG PIECE OF YARN off of the project!! I'm so afraid that's going to ruin everything. :( :( Cross your fingers for me that that's not the case!!!

Today is my appointment with Dr. Mills in Boston (FINALLY!). I hope that it's all good news. I haven't been nearly as good about my PT lately, since my hip really feels good and I have been using it pretty much as normal lately, and thus haven't felt the need to do exercises so much as just USE the thing. But my physical therapist should know better than I what's good for me...so I hope I didn't just fuck everything up.

We'll see! I'll be sure to keep this journal updated.

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