Tuesday, October 28, 2003

i believe in you

Lucid Mike put this song on one of his awesome compilation tapes for me, and it makes me cry EVERY TIME I hear it:

I can see that you're discouraged
Like you think that it's never ever gonna change
And maybe I'm to blame
There's not a whole lot I can do now
Though I should have seen it coming when I saw you go
But I want you to know
There's nothing wrong with you
You just need to follow through
On the things you set out to do
Long ago
It sounds odd to come from me
And I can fake sincerity
As well as anybody can
But that's not what I'm doing
This time

And I don't really know the best way to convey it
I'm just gonna say it
I believe in you

I think about it so often
The little things that I could have done differently
If I'd known what they'd be
I don't know why it suprised me
I should have seen where it was going
When you came apart
But there's nothing wrong with you
You just never made it through
All the things that were done to you
Long ago

I hope you realize
How you figure in my eyes
And how much worse the world would be
If there wasn't anything like you in it
And how you're someone well worth knowing
I hope you keep on going
I believe in you

I know you're lonely
And you don't really understand why
Things haven't worked out as you planned
Long ago

But you will find your way
And I'll run into you one day
And you'll tell me that you're OK
And all about the tremendous things you've done
And how you've won the day
And where you plan to take it
I think you're gonna make it
I believe in you

[Mr. T Experience - "I Believe In You"]

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