Wednesday, October 22, 2003

the hostess without the mostess...

so i feel awful. i’m generally just in an awful mood, but my stomach just feels terrible, too. i came home from work today, pissed off at my sister (who was visiting) from the minute i walked in the door. it was mostly due to a feeling of general shittiness, but i also couldn’t help feeling like my toes were being stepped on, a bit – i had had 4 different people stay over my house in the span of one week! it’s been insane, and i guess it has made me realized how much i appreciate (and miss!) my down time, my time to myself. i mean, Mike doesn’t count as “company” per se because he doesn’t get in my way, he just sleeps till forever. not that the others were getting in my way! i just feel more of the need to play hostess – make sure they are comfortable & happy – which i hate because it gets me all stressed. which it shouldn’t! i should be enjoying visits, and for the most part, i DO. i just...gah. it’s NOT that i didn’t have fun with Marsha, Josh, & Sarah – in fact, it’s the complete *opposite* - i loved having them! but something inside of me seems to recoil a little bit when i can’t get a second alone, to breathe, to think about me instead of constantly being concerned about my guest. =\ gah.

what is *wrong* with me??

ack! bad morning at work! the guys that are building the handicapped ramp outside of the beauty salon next door – *bless them* - came to ask me if they could use one of our outlets because the woman who runs the beauty shop (where they usually plug in) was out of town due to a family death. so i let them in to our place, thinking that should be okay (everyone whose decision i would defer to was out of the office!), and it WAS okay until

[10.20.04 - I wonder what happened to the rest of that entry. Huh.]

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