Friday, January 07, 2011

Detroit in ruins

Found via FlaxenTawney, this is a breathtaking collection of gorgeous images of the ruins of Detroit.  What I love most is the speculation about why things - buildings, dental equipment, a grand piano, an entire beautiful train station - would simply be abandoned.  It looks in some cases as if one day everyone just walked out (or fled), leaving everything just as it had been during everyday use.  I love imagining the stories behind some of the photographs...although I am sure they're not nearly as glamorous as I'd like to think.  I'll bet it's more got to do with finance and politics and all that way-less-exciting stuff that is often beyond me - but that would be the frustrating cause behind stunning ruins like the ones pictured.

(I wanted to include a copy of one of the images, but I'm not sure about fun copyright laws, and since the Guardian is kind of a Big Deal, I figured I'll leave it as a link...hah.)

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Anonymous said...

Those are amazing photos, aren't they? I think they've been around for several months or even a couple of years--I'm fairly certain I'd seen them before. There are similar photos at this blog, which is written by someone who lives in Detroit and mourns the fall of this once-grand city. Posts like this one definitely convey a sense of sudden abandonment--even of super-confidential files, much to my astonishment. Over the last couple of years, "the fall of Old/Grand Detroit" has gotten a lot of press, but no one seems to be doing anything about it, sadly...