Thursday, January 22, 2009

quiet night

I stayed in yesterday evening and ended up watching two movies, because I was getting some serious knitting done and didn't want to put it down. Weirdly, both of the movies were about people without their licenses, which I definitely didn't plan. I just chose License to Drive (I'd never seen that before now! such a classic Corey/Corey movie) and Smart People somewhat randomly off my Netflix Watch Instantly Queue, and they just happened to have an odd connection that I otherwise would never have put together, had I not watched them back-to-back.

Okay, that's actually not true - I didn't choose License to Drive randomly; it actually expires off my Instant queue on 1/24, so I had to watch it before then. I kind of forced myself to watch it, even though I wasn't especially in the mood for a silly teen movie. But, I got more into it - it was nice to watch a bit of fluff. And, very odd to see Heather Graham in a movie from that time! I hadn't realized she was in the acting business as long as she was - I thought she just appeared when in her mid-20s, somewhere around Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. I hadn't realized she was in Twins, Drugstore Cowboy, Twin Peaks, and Growing Pains! ( that I think about it...maybe I do remember Growing Pains...hmm. Very vague memories.)

Anyway, I wasn't a huge fan of LtD, but it was fun...ish. It still bothers me that the sister just disappeared out of the movie at the end - I don't understand what happened to her. No one seems to care that she's not around. And I thought her spotting her brother driving his grandfather's car without his license would play a LOT more importantly into the story than it did. Oh, well. I just don't like loose ends like that. They make me feel unsettled. And like the makers of the movie didn't spend too much time finishing it. Which, I guess they didn't have to - they knew that millions of teenage girls were going to rush to the theaters to see the teen heartthrobs, haha.

And Smart People was...all right. I was somewhat disappointed, given the awesome cast: Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page, Thomas Hayden Church, Sarah Jessica Parker - and even Pam's ex-fiancee! But it was...underwhelming. I enjoyed it - more than License to Drive, for sure - and it felt very real, didn't leave me with much of an impression either way. It mostly just felt like an interesting look at the lives of an academic and the people who orbit around him. Nothing new was introduced.

Well. That's all I really have to say on that - I think that's more than enough, really! Have a good Thursday, everyone. xo

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