Thursday, October 09, 2008

busy week

This week has been so busy that I feel like my head is swimming from everything I need to remember to get done! I love it, though, in my own masochistic way; I'd missed that feeling from my days in Boston, when I'd have a meeting or rendezvous of some sort every night, and would find the nights when I got to stay in the rare - and cherished - occasion. I'm still working on finding a good balance here - unfortunately, there are very few groups that I can or want to get involved with in CT - but, it's getting better. I am keeping an eye out and certainly trying to be more social; I had needed that, too. Mostly right now I'm connecting with old friends, but it's been nice to come across the occasional very interesting new person, too.

A look back at my week thus far:

Friday: Birthday celebrations for Sarah K, at our group's favorite It's Only Natural! Complete with pumpkin ale and a sweet potato tart entree, so delicious.

Saturday: I cleaned Sarah & Liam's house before their arrival back from Spain, stopped at Mom & Dad's, then met up with Ant for what was supposed to be an On the Drop show, but ended up being pizza and watching a movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) at home. Following that, it was Girls Night at Tanya's with her, Adrienne, and Kirsten - we drank wine & watched Baby Mama. Both of this day's movies But, I guess I hadn't expected anything more.

Sunday: A visit to the Atheneum with Renee, which was great! And FREE, thanks to the monthly Bank of America program. We parked a few blocks away in Hartford and ended up walking through a biker's festival (yes, motorcycles), which was kinda neat, too. It's interesting to see Hartford events, compared to those that take place in Boston or New York. Much quieter and low-key, although always there are those enthusiastic about their subject, no matter where it is. It was cute. And, the museum was lovely - I had forgotten some of the amazing pieces that are on display there. Plus, there was a special exhibit on quilts, which was really neat! A nice, cultured afternoon - and it was good to remind myself what depths of culture Hartford can have, as well. I'd like to take more advantage of that as I continue on here. (And later that evening, some wine and catching up with my housemate, which was lovely.)

Monday: Dinner, a quick stop at the craft store, and shoe-shopping with Sarah. An early night, but fun nonetheless.

Tuesday: Dinner at Aunt Yvonne & Alan's, in order to learn what was necessary to know for house-, dog-, and cat-sitting this Columbus Day weekend. We ordered delicious takeout Chinese and Aunt Yvonne and I had a lively discussion about books, which I always love. I am looking forward to spending time with Molly (the dog) and Corky (the cat). Great animals. I left around 9:30, which unfortunately was too late for meeting up for wine & sushi-making at Adrienne's, so we decided to reschedule. That worked out okay, though, because I got to catch some of the presidential debate when I got home.

Wednesday: I took Jen out for her birthday to our favorite Thai place, in West Hartford. Yum! We both ordered our favorite, pad thai with shrimp. Then we picked up a bit of ice cream and hung around at her house with her dogs, talking knitting and (of course) boys.

And, coming up:

Today: It's going to be kind of crazy: I have to go check on the pets all the way in West Hartford before I can return to Bristol for our first spinning group meeting...I'm talking wheels, not stationary bikes (and yes, I am an old woman at heart, I fully realize this). Then I plan to race over to Sarah's for our weekly The Office viewing...and I hope to catch a bit of the SNL prime time presidential special right afterwards, as well. That will be followed perhaps by some mah jongg, as per usual on Thursday nights (yes, I already told you, I know I'm an old lady). So, essentially, I have to hit the ground running the minute I'm done with work at 5 tonight. Oy.

Oh, did I mention I still also have to pack for staying at my aunt's? Yeah.

Tomorrow, I'll work at my aunt's and then a small group of us are thinking Dessert Night (live music & delicious cakes) at Sweet Harmony in Middletown...we'll see if we actually get up the energy for that, haha. Otherwise, I'm looking at a pretty quiet weekend compared to this week, which is unusual, but I'll definitely enjoy. I am looking forward to cozying up with the pets and some knitting or a book in my aunt's beautiful house.

For now, though, I've got to finish up work & then figure everything out for tonight! xo

p.s. Also, I know it looks like I'm reading a ton of books at once, but you have to understand my system: one is for reading at home, and that's usually a dense and or huge book that I don't feel like carrying around (right now, that'd be Anathem); one is for carrying with me everywhere in my bag, so I can read snippets of it here and there (in this case, Class Matters just replaced Consuming Kids); one I am audiobooking (Bleak House, which is beautifully read); and the fourth is my first experience with DailyLit, which I'm really enjoying thus far...especially with this current pick (Beowulf).

p.p.s. Sorry, I realize this was kind of a boring entry interesting to perhaps no one but myself...I'll try to post more interesting stuff soon. I have been getting better about posting, though, right?? :)

Currently Reading:

TITLE: Anathem
AUTHOR: Neal Stephenson

TITLE: Class Matters
AUTHOR: The New York Times

TITLE: Bleak House
AUTHOR: Charles Dickens

TITLE: Beowulf
AUTHOR: Gummere


Unknown said...

want to borrow class matters...sounds liek you are busy. wish i could be going shopping to the craft store with you and sarah.

Jeanette said...

It does sound like you had a busy, but very fun, week!

Have fun house sitting!

Anonymous said...

i thought it was great ... i love hearing about what you're up to!

Dana S. Whitney said...

That's an amazing book shelf you've got going! Hope you have a good week.