Wednesday, July 30, 2008

down South(ish)

Ah-HAH! You all thought I had disappeared, didn't ya? Yeah, I haven't been blogging much, I know. Not much time to write, mostly. And things are just...going. It's good. Right now I'm down in Virginia with my friend Tanya; we've been visiting friends of hers - big brothers, kind of - who have also adopted me, haha. We arrived Friday afternoon, and then spent 3 nights at shows in a row! More live music than I've seen in a long time. It was really fun. And all were either the guys' bands, or their friends, so it was all really comfy, too. Over the weekend we also got a chance to hit the beach - we saw dolphins! - and the famous Virginia Beach boardwalk, where this Neptune statue resides:

(Sorry the image is so dark; it was taken on my phone.)

Mostly we have been seeing people more than seeing sights, but it is our second visit down here (in 4 months), so that makes sense. I of course made a point to stop at the one local yarn shop I spotted down here, and chatted with the small knitting group there for a little while (before, of course, purchasing several skeins of sock yarn - although, unfortunately, nothing locally produced). Otherwise, I've been working during the day and the past couple of nights have been (self-imposed) quiet ones in, since we were so exhausted from the weekend, haha.

All right, I should get back to work for now, I just wanted to stop in & say hi. Hooray! xo


Jeanette said...

I hope that you are having a lovely visit (it sounds like you are)! When you get back we must make plans to get togther.

I hope to see you soon!

wenders said...

Hi! Glad you're still blogging, even if sporadically. :) I understand that for sure!