Friday, May 02, 2008

free & cool

Dave is probably already all over this one, but for those of us who aren't such avid comic book readers, I thought some of you might be interested in hearing about this: Free Comic Book Day! Free is always good, and comics definitely don't seem to get enough recognition these days. I may go for a beloved Archie tomorrow (if Jughead were real, he'd totally be the guy I had an irrepressible crush on, a la Big Ethel), but...I may also branch out and try something new & exciting. I don't give comics enough of a fair shake, myself.

Have a good (and comic-filled) weekend, everyone! xo

(Thanks to Liquid Treat for the notification on this one.)


Unknown said...

I want free comics. but alas, I am in Arizona without a way to get there...I doubt that is high on the list of priorties! :(

David Press said...

ha! yeah it was fun. I was really busy but it was fun.