Tuesday, February 15, 2005

French students

I really liked this quote from Like the Red Panda by Andrea Siegel, hehe:

"The fourth-year French students at my school are mostly soft AP girls or weird kids obsessed with the Renaissance...I think that kids who take French have parents who've instilled basic values in them, like respect for school and other cultures...The real assholes and morally ambiguous kids are the ones who take Spanish." -Andrea Seigel

Also, this one from Zinn's A People's History:

"Here was the traditional device by which those in charge of any social order mobilize and discipline a recalcitrant population -- offering the adventure and rewards of military service to get poor people to fight for a cause they may not clearly see as their own." -Howard Zinn, on the American Revolution

I will actually try to maybe add more content in the next few days. I dunno what happened, suddenly my life actually got busy! But I'm definitely not complaining. :)


Bookfraud said...

Ah, life getting busy -- the bane of bloggers, writers, and idle dreamers like ourselves.

Thanks for the very nice post on my blog.

I enjoyed A People's History, though I was worn out by book's end. Though I don't necessarily agree with the firery left-winger here.

keep busy.

English Professor said...

I came over from Bookfraud's place. Sometimes I follow people who have left comments and am disappointed, but when I saw that _Stand By Me_ was on your list of favorite movies, I decided you would have to be worth reading.

I don't have the time I would like to post, either. (If you visit my site, you'll know why.) But we do what we can, right?