Monday, September 13, 2004

took me long enough, huh?

Well, I am gonna give this thing another go...I can't remember why I got frustrated with this site and decided that I didn't want to post here - there was something I couldn't do that I wanted to be able to do. I'll let you know if I remember what that was (and get frustrated again! heh). In any case, I'm back and I'm going to try to be better about posting! Let's a LOT has changed since I last wrote in June. For one thing, I live in another state! I'm up here in Ithaca, NY just doing my thing as usual. I have the same job; now I work from home. I live with my friend Dave, and we have a really nice apartment just a block down from the Commons, which is awesome. I really don't know many people in the area yet, but I am trying to get involved in things to both get me out of the house and get me meeting some people. So far, so good - we'll see how things go! I figure I'll give this place half a year or so, and if I just really do hate it here, I will see what I can do about moving out. I would hate ditching Dave, but I am not going to spend a year being miserable in a situation that I can change!

Well, I am just sitting here complaining, and I have work to get done. So for now - ciao. I'll write more later, probably. (Especially if I ever figure out what that annoying thing was! Cuz now it's bothering me, and I want to remember...)

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