Tuesday, October 03, 2006

just stopping in

Hi everyone, just wanted to check in quickly! This will be a very brief post because I have work to finish up & then lots of things to do tonight, but I did want to let y'all know that I'm still alive. :) I have been kept busy with everything from Christine & Craig's wedding (congrats, you two!), to Bethany's Open Studios, to several CodePink actions, to who knows what else! Of course I'm still reading up a storm & knitting lots; I finished up the latest baby blanket (finally!) and a double-knit houndstooth scarf for Dan, and I'm currently in the middle of several pairs of socks & a washcloth (part of the KAL -- it's fun!). So yeah...lots going on. I wish I had time to write more! I hope to do more posting later on this week. Tonight I'm going to a program called Feminism & Dessert at the Center for New Words out in Cambridge, with a quick stop at Pearl first, and from there I head all the way down to JP to meet up with Dan (and possibly Bethany & Kevin) at the studio. Whew -- I can already tell I'll be exhausted by the time I get home tonight.

I think things slow down soon. We'll see! xoxo

Currently Reading:

TITLE: The Beauty Myth
AUTHOR: Naomi Wolf

TITLE: The Devil in the White City
AUTHOR: Erik Larson

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