Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 washcloths for your viewing pleasure

As part of a really really really late birthday present for my friend, last week I knitted up several of the washcloth patterns from the Monthly Dishcloth KAL archives. (Yes, she does like purple, why do you ask?)

Here's one:

And here's another:

These 2 are totally unblocked, but I think the pictures came out pretty well, anyway!

Then there's this:

This one is blocked, but it came out kind of uneven, oh well. They're just for dish- or face-washing, they don't have to be perfect! I hope. :)

Other projects I've been working on will be posted soon, if all goes according to plan (which it never does).

In other news, I have decided to cut down significantly on my volunteering projects & hours for the time being -- not only was I spreading myself too thin, but Saturday night & this morning I also ended up at 2 rather ridiculously bad events (well, bad in terms of me being at all useful as a volunteer, due to poor planning on the parts of the coordinators). So, I've decided to try to be a lot more selective regarding where I do give of my time & energy. I am going to stick with the WLP, obvy, which includes the upcoming spaghetti dinner fundraiser (word is that the major may make another appearance there). But I don't yet know what else I want to stay with. I am going to give this all a lot of thought & get back to you.

Outside of volunteering, my book clubs & knitting group & CodePink keep me pretty busy as well, so I think I'm going to just stick with all that (I couldn't choose between them if I had to!) for now. Hopefully backing off slightly on my volunteering hours'll make everything else easier to juggle, too....

Oh, and yeah, work. Of course I've got that, too. Lunchtime is over, so I ought to get back to it now! :) xoxo

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