Wednesday, October 04, 2006

two things

These days, every morning I look forward to 2 things:

1. The monthly dishcloth Knit Along's next instructions -- it's totally simple knitting, but it's really neat to see a mystery pattern unfold before your eyes bit by bit! :)

2. Sam Has 7 Friends -- a serial video series that is broadcast every day (each segment is about 2 minutes in length). My lovely friend Caroline plays Holly, and the rest of the cast is just as good. Very engaging!

Last night I unfortunately had to skip out on attending the North End knitting group because my book club was scheduled (at the Tiki Room) for that same night! It was a surprisingly small group (only 6 instead of the usual 10+), but that was really nice -- everyone got to talk & we were all actually engaged in the same conversation! I am glad I attended, because I was kind of waffling on whether or not I should. It turned out to be a fun night, even more so afterwards, when I got home & spent a silly night with Dan.

Hope everyone is doing well! xoxo

Currently Reading:

TITLE: The Beauty Myth
AUTHOR: Naomi Wolf

TITLE: The Devil in the White City
AUTHOR: Erik Larson

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