Tuesday, March 28, 2006

starry fingers

Yesterday, Bethany & I went to Charles Street so that she could pick up a dress from the drycleaner, and so I could pop in next door at The Beauty Mark, which sells Garnish jewelry. The woman who owns the shop put in a special order for this ring for me, which I'm terribly excited for! She said should arrive within the next week. Yay!
Afterwards, Dan & I went for a quick run to the nearby Golden Goose grocery store, to pick up ingredients we needed for an African sweet potato & red bean stew (we're having Kelley over for dinner tonight!), and for Dan's fantastic tomato sauce (to be used later on this week along with the maiden voyage of his "new" -- Christmas present -- pizza stone). This morning I started the stew, and I absolutely love the smells of the Crock Pot growing more potent throughout the day...yum.

This afternoon, I get to go see a tax consultant about filing this year, as I'm terribly confused as to which state I need to file in...I work in CT (and therefore I'd guess I earn money there, and pay taxes there), but I lived in NY until July of 2005, and opened bank accounts both in NY and in MA. So, ack. It's all quite a mess. My main concern is that I won't have all of the paperwork I need for my meeting, and I'll have to go back for a second consultation...which I'd guess they wouldn't even be able to fit in before April 15, as tax time is fast approaching!!

Arg, I hate money. But boy, do I love food. And the smells of slow-cooking stew are making me hungry. Time to go eat my Panini Express leftovers! xoxo

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