Wednesday, December 20, 2006

getting things done

Well, things are (mostly) slowly falling into place, holiday-wise. I've got all of my shopping done, save for one thing I have to buy in CT, and a few random things for Dan's family (not sure when that will get done, but we'll see!). Yesterday, Bethany & I packed up all of the Christmas cookies we've been baking (we've been meeting up pretty regularly over the past week or so to get everything done!); we filled tins with peanut butter/Snickers surprise cookies, chocolate-cherry cookies, teeny gingerbread cookies (in the shape of a man, a woman, a star, and a fir tree), and sugar cookies decorated with red, yellow, blue, and orange sugar. So pretty! All baked from scratch. It's definitely fun to have a cookie-baking partner-in-crime. And we had so many that I was able to pack up several bags & a tin for my co-volunteers at the WLP. I brought them in this morning, and everyone was glad to get them (I hope they like them!). It was such a cheery day there, this morning. I am so sad I won't be in town on Christmas day, because 2 of my favorite WLPers will be running the kitchen for the holiday! Oh, well, though. I'll be back in on Thursday (I'll be in CT through Wednesday, so I can't do my regular shift).

In other holiday news, my knitting is getting done, slowly but pretty steadily. I'm so excited about the projects I am working on! I'll be sure to share lots of pictures post-December 25.

Dan and I plan to take a bus down to Hartford on Saturday; I'll be spending the rest of my time these next few days packing, knitting, wrapping, and generally just making sure everything is order for 5 days away.

Of course, that's all besides working. I should go do that now! xo

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