Thursday, October 14, 2004


Found out tonight that that means "If I tell you, will you buy a drink?" It's a diner booth placard in The Grapes of Wrath, that Steinbeck kind of just leaves unexplained. Neat, but I'm very glad the internet is around, because trying to figure out that word game would have kept me from enjoying the rest of the book for quite a while! Gah. Sometimes I wish I weren't so easily distracted, so easily drawn in to word games and the like.

Wow the car outside my window does not sound good.

Oooh I think I finished up my scarf today, yay! And I'm getting involved in development of a computer game that is geared towards girls, finally! I'm very excited for that - it's really what I've been wanting to do for a long time. I spoke with the woman about it today; I am waiting to receive their first conceptual CD in the mail, now.

And I finally finished watching Les quatre cent coups tonight, which was...all right. An interesting concept for a movie, and of course with Truffaut it was well-filmed and all, just didn't grip me. If I had seen it in the theater, I think I would probably have been rather bored and disengaged. Bah, maybe it's just the bad side-effect of being brought up in America, where it seems that films must be full of action or else they feel like they aren't moving at all...*sigh*. Or maybe I'm just not cultured enough to appreciate it, who knows.

I've been missing Dan like crazy recently, and unfortunately it seems like the more I miss him, the less I get to talk to him...but that may just be because I have no life at the moment, and he does. I just get so scared that he doesn't like me anymore, at every turn. I know that's so not a good way to be, but it seems I can't stop my mind from assuming the worst.... Pour moi, c'est la vie, je crois!

I think I will go finish up a letter to Jenny, and then get to bed. I need the sleep!

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