Friday, December 28, 2007

miniature fo

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sweater ornament

Here's just a little sample of my holiday knitting, for now. I've got pictures of most of the gifts, but not all of them (one still has to be blocked! although it was luckily knit in time, anyway), and I want to wait until I can do a comprehensive post of all of them...all 3.5 of them, really. There wasn't as much holiday knitting to do this year as I had thought, especially because the majority of the pieces I had finished well before the holiday (some by March or so!). But I of course had a few things to finish (including final touches on the early ones) right at the finish line.

I hope to get started on next year's presents early again this year. We'll have to see. I have already found one present, but I haven't been inspired by any other patterns yet - and usually, I prefer to see a pattern and think "that looks like something [insertnamehere] would love", much like shopping, rather than think that I really ought to make this person a scarf and that person a hat, and I have to search out a suitable-enough pattern.

Okay, enough talking from me! I will just add that I knit the sweater ornament from some Claudia Handpainted Yarn that is much like KPPPM, because I picked it up on a whim when I was out shopping for the latter. The pattern was this one, knit with these same modifications (see sweater #2). I will be knitting another for my other sister soon. It's a lovely, lightning-fast little knit - I knit it all up on the train ride home from work on the Friday before Christmas. It was inspired by a sweater-and-booties ornament set that my grandmother once knit for my father - I hope to enhance my sisters' collections soon with some more miniature knitted goods. Socks would be fun. xo

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