Friday, March 28, 2008

last stop

Ahahaha okay I *definitely* need to get more sleep...I almost just didn't make it off the train! I fell asleep halfway through my ride this morning, totally thinking that I normally wake up at every stop, so I'd be fine...but my eyes flew open and I looked up to see the signs for Riverside moving away...and Riverside is the last stop! Which meant I was headed into the train yard with only the conductors! I was so thrown off...usually, even if I do fall asleep, I manage to wake myself up in time, no problem. Not so today. I had to walk to the front of the train and say, "Excuse me, sir...?" The conductor was totally nice about everything, and let me off at a place where I could just easily cut back through to the platform, but still...I felt like such a jerk. We were both laughing because he said he usually checks the cars before he moves the train on into the lot (by the last stop outbound, there are usually very few people in the cars; I have definitely been the only one left in my car before) and I said that I normally wouldn't have slept through the last stop! That definitely means I'm way overtired. Usually I'm a pretty light sleeper. I think the rain trickling down the T windows lulled me to sleep this morning....

It probably also doesn't help that The Brothers Karamazov is so dense. I am loving the book right now and am really engaged in it, but sometimes there are just so damn many words on the page, haha. I've heard tell that Dostoyevsky was paid by the word for his newspaper serials (of which TBK was one). This would not surprise me in the last, as my copy of the book is almost 800 pages. Well, at least I've got less than 300 left to go! (I really only read it on the T, which is why it's going so slowly for me....)

I have been up late every night this week, and last night was no exception: Shaina took me to see a production of Annie at the Wang. I don't think I've ever seen a show there, and the coolest thing was that she had gotten her tickets through work, so we had awesome (free!) balcony seats! It felt so privileged, haha. The show was good but not the best version of the play that I've seen...some of the actors were very good, though. And the dog! So impressive, how well trained he was.

Anyway, my ultimate conclusion from all of this is that I really have to try to be better about sleep. I think it would probably really help to not schedule so much after work...but I like doing lots of things! Arg. Conundrum.

Well, I hope you all stay warm & dry on this yucky day. I am so looking forward to curling up all cozy in bed tonight....


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Jeanette said...

I hope that you were able to get some sleep this weekend!