Wednesday, February 13, 2008

what's up.

Working from home today. Feeling really sick & yucky. I wish I had more to post these days; I feel like I've been so busy, but don't have much to write about! What's up with that?

Maybe I should never have separated my knitting blog from my regular one! Hah. Speaking of, if I can muster up the energy, I'll be going to my knitting group tonight. I always enjoy that.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with Dr. Millis for my hips. As usual, that meant a long time at the Children's Hospital, but it's worth it to get in to see the doctor and hear how they think my hips are doing. I apparently have *bone spurs* (I hate the sound of that phrase!; it always makes me shudder in disgust) both on the outside of my hip and one growing into the socket, which might be seriously messing up my cartilage. But the doctors think I still have good joint space, which does indicate the presence of enough cartilage, so they're hopeful that I can put off a hip replacement for several years, at least. (Although, I do also have enough to get wicked arthritis, yuck!) And I was also told that the core strengthening physical therapy exercises I've been doing are really helping - I no longer walk with my butt sticking out! Well, most of the time, I don't...sometimes when I am rushing I think my body defaults to that because it's the easiest way to get speed, and I'm not paying attention to positioning my body the right way. Anyway, I have more exercises to continue with which will hopefully help make it even easier as time goes by. And I'll see the good doctor again in 6 months.

Hmm...what else? Well, this coming weekend is Sarah & Liam's wedding! I am very happy for my sister & I very much like Liam; I think they will be good "life partners". It'll be a small ceremony so that'll be nice, as well. That's pretty much the only big thing coming up in my life...otherwise, lots of small plans here & there. And maybe some upcoming road trips or trip trips in the works! I certainly hope so; I can't wait. I've got the time to take off; I just hope I have the money!

Have a good Wednesday, everyone.


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