Monday, February 26, 2007

snow angel

Wow, it's really coming down out there. I love big, fluffy flakes like this, when they look like white stars drifting down.

This weekend was exhausting but fun; I stayed up late Friday night reading, and on Saturday I was able to finish Gone With the Wind (I'll post further on that later)! Saturday morning, Bethany & I went to the BPL to help do some "spring cleaning" for the upcoming book sales, and of course came away with some books of our own & some "gifts" we thought others might like (at $.50 for softcover & $1 for hardcover, you just can't go wrong!). As usual, we had a blast going through all the books -- there are always some amusing surprises, heh.

Later, I accompanied Dan to his Shag appointment, and we were both so exhausted when we got home (he because he was out late the night before, me because I got up early) that we took an afternoon nap, which is actually a pretty rare thing for me these days. (I used to take them almost daily in college!)

A few of Dan's friends were in town for the evening, so we ate in Chinatown, then came back to hang out at our apartment for the rest of the night. I was still wicked tired, so I didn't last long, and ended up going to bed several hours earlier than everyone else.

Sunday morning, I watched Fever Pitch (which I thought was really cute, and I had no idea that they conceived of that movie before the Sox actually even played in the Series!) and knitted most of this

pattern: Knitty's Voodoo (1 of 2)
yarn: Red Heart Symphony in 4907 Magenta (a gift from Liz)

and then I headed back to Chinatown to meet up with Karen and Sarah K -- we wandered around during the Chinese New Year festivities (Happy Year of the Pig!), following some of the lion dancers as they went door to door to bless the businesses:

(photo courtesy of Karen)

The rest of the day we spent hanging out & talking about everything; it was so much fun to just have some really simple, supportive Girl Time. (Love you, S&K!) Tonight, we plan to go to The Melting Pot in Framingham; I am excited because I just love fondue.

Just pray that I don't drop anything in; I hate that whole kiss-the-person-to-your-left ritual, ugh. xoxo

Currently Reading:

TITLE: Swerve
AUTHOR: Aisha Tyler

TITLE: The Tipping Point
AUTHOR: Malcolm Gladwell

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