Friday, September 02, 2005

we're here!

Yay, we made it safe & sound to Boston! As did all (well, most) of our stuff. The move went sooo much more smoothly than I could ever have hoped; everything we wanted to take with us fit in the truck, it was packed by around dinnertime on Wednesday, and then we left to drive up to Boston around 7am the next morning. The drive went well in & of itself, and we would have done just fine if it weren't for actually having to get off the highway & try to find our way in amongst the Big Dig once we actually arrived in the city, haha! Thankfully I have an awesome, awesome big sister who not only came to meet us while we were driving helplessly around the North End, but who also brought around donuts, bottled water, cups, paper towels, toilet paper, and first aid supplies for the move. We arrived late to meet up with Stephen, who was going to give us our keys, but he thankfully waited around for us long enough to hand them over before he had to run off to help out his other new tenants. And, surprisingly, for what was supposedly the biggest moving day for Boston, we didn't encounter many other people moving in! It must've been Cambridge & other college areas that got most of the brunt of that.

In any case, our movers showed up right as we did, and JB arrived a little while later, and between the 6 of us, we managed to get everything inside the apartment in about 2 hours! Not necessarily in any sort of order, but it was fine. And the only mishap was when Danny cut his finger pretty badly on the terribly broken (and leaky!) faucet, that I'm going to call the landlord about today. (And thank god for Bethany and her first aid kit!)

We ordered pizza for lunch for all the movers, and then Dan & I returned the truck to the Budget place and returned home to start setting things up. We got a good majority of our things together before Bethany & Ashu arrived to see the place, and then we realized how starving we were, so we ran an errand to the hardware store & then ate some subs for dinner. So, while it wasn't the healthiest day (I had a huge gas-station cheese danish for breakfast on the drive up, since I refused to buy food at McDonald's), it was very successful, overall.

I hope that's a good indication of what it'll be like up here, in general...!

And please guys, come visit!!! xoxo

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Kristen said...

Send us all an email with your new address and phone number! Congratulations on the move to the next state! Jeremy and I had to move his stuff down the street, and that was hard enough! :)

Anonymous said...

I know the exact worry that there will inevitably be a hitch, despite months of planning.. so many people have horror stories about moving.. but I'm really glad to hear that there, in fact, wasn't one! That it went really well.. and that you & Dan't weren't doing it completely alone!

I'm so very excited for you both!

<3 Sarah